We offer FREE delivery within 5km of our store locations.
A small fee of $10 is charged for delivery within 5-8km.

Delivery Locations and Days

Delivery Details

FREE DELIVERY- There is no charge on deliveries within 5km of our stores and our prices are the same online as they are in-store.

NO MINIMUM ORDER - We are supporting our communities with FREE DELIVERY we ask that you do your best to order more than $50 - thank you!

$10 DELIVERY - We now deliver within 8km of our stores. A $10 shipping fee is charged for deliveries between 5km and 8km of our stores.

DELIVERY WINDOW - We are offering delivery for Thanksgiving dinner essentials products from October 4th-8th. Please choose the date you would like your order delivered using the calendar at checkout.

Pick-Up Details

PICK-UP WINDOW - We are offering in-store pick up for Thanksgiving dinner essentials products from September 30th-October 8th. Please choose the date you would like to pick up your order using the calendar at checkout.